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What makes us different?

Fishermen often ask, why should I buy your flies over some other brand? The answer is very simple. Each and every fly is hand tied by a tyer that has been trained to tie our flies, using the very best materials available. Our prices are great because you are buying factory direct. That is how we can offer the best flies and the best value on the planet. Try our flies you will not be disappointed.

Expert Tyers

Many of our tyers have been tying flies for decades. They are highly skilled and consistently produce world class flies.

Best Materials

All of our hooks are Japanese chemically sharpened and provided factory-direct to us by a company that founded the Japanese hook industry in 1894. All our materials are based on the ColorMatchâ„¢ System

Buy Direct

We are the manufacturer and we sell direct to you. No middle man, no rep, no funny business. You will not find a better fly for a better price, nor will you find a better selection.